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Practitioner stories
3 min readFeb 16, 2021

In our previous blog, we told you about all the new ideas and feedback we received from the service design Scotland community.

There were a lot of suggestions on how we could provide better access to our raw research material, how we could communicate our insights and share it with the wider community. We started by creating a new website about our project.

An alternative to Miro

Miro is not for everyone and not very accessible. We used it because it helped us progress the analysis and structure the data in a visual way and to collaborate on it remotely.

However, it isn’t the right tool (or at least should not be the only tool) to communicate our research.

screenshot of the Miro board where we show our findings — there is a lot of frames, arrows and post its
The main Miro board to show our research

Building a website

Take a look at the website. It’s still work in progress, but there is a lot on it already.

Screenshot of an element of the website saying it is a work in progress

There are three themes available for now on the website. We will add the other two in the next few weeks.

  1. Service design work and contributions
  2. Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD)
  3. Service design community
  4. Skills and learning — coming soon
  5. Working with people — coming soon

Help us to improve the website

It works on mobile but will be easier to navigate on a laptop. We are using Github pages for now to run it. We might change to something else later.

If you’re interested in the code for it, it’s here on Github.

To get it right, we need your feedback!

component from the website stating: give feebak

The website is already helping us to take the analysis further, but we want to make sure it’s also more engaging for anyone with an interest in this research. Get in touch with Stéphanie for any question or suggestion about the website.

Curating the clusters of insights

The feedback we received from people was very clear: even just within one theme out of the five, there is too much data. So we decided to break down the themes and create smaller groups of insights from a curated selection of topics, in a more digestible format.

This is a work in progress. Get in touch with Angela if this is something you would like to help us with.

Nicola Dobiecka has joined us to work on this part. It’s great to have her onboard!

What‘s next: Empower people to use the data and run their own event

One of the biggest challenges we had faced with our first workshop was to balance the amount of data we had to give people the chance to deep dive but at the same time to not overwhelm them. We had spent a lot of time preparing our first workshop and had created many different activities, which we weren‘t able to cover all. However, they could be useful to others and be reused?

We’re now looking at ways to create a package that would allow people to run their own events/workshops. We’re not sure what form this will take just now, but it could consist of some templates and data?

If this is something you would like to be part of, then get in touch with Serena so we can develop it with people who actually plan to use it.

Getting in touch

You can contact us individually on Slack (‘Service Design in Scotland’ or the ‘Public Sector Design in Scotland’), comment here, or email us: practitionerstories@gmail.com

Thank you!



Practitioner stories

We are collecting Practitioner stories of Service Design in the Scottish public and third sectors