Oct 11, 2021

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The Future of Service Design

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“I want to see more people in design leadership positions. I want to see more women in design leadership positions. The side projects I choose to do in my spare time, are helping to build up that community of people to be the potential future design leaders.”

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“Co-designing and bringing people in at day one — just having that as our default working pattern would be good.”

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Instead of asking “what is the public experience of X organisation in Scotland during lockdown” we could be asking “What is the public experience of public services during lockdown“.

“Public sector is not always the right place and doesn’t have the resources to deliver on a lot of the service needs of citizens; the private sector doesn’t always have the perspective and the right driver in order to deliver for citizens’ needs. So there needs to be much more integration between the two [public / private].”

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Future of service design in Scotland

“We need to think about it in terms of education and healthcare within the community. We have to think about the big problems that face Scotland in terms of homelessness, the drugs crisis — How those communities directly affected can design solutions to those problems.”

“Things like booking an appointment happen over and over again, every single day in so many different places. So if we actually set out and sort out how that works for patients, for staff, for the system — so that all three get a good deal out of this and we back that up with the software we design, the data we need for it all.”

Expectation from the future Service Design community

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An optimistic take on Covid-19

“At the moment, we’re all thinking about how to do things in different ways because we have to. Well, let’s not forget that, let’s capture it to keep reminding us. Because again, it’s that thing about power. Because those in power want us to forget those things, right? So we have to make sure that we don’t.”


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