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We are collecting Practitioner stories of Service Design in the Scottish public and third sectors


  • Nandini Kulkarni

    Nandini Kulkarni

    Designer, Traveller, Thinker (maybe over thinker)

  • Vicky Teinaki

    Vicky Teinaki

    Doing design’s unsexy middle bits. I work in government and read a lot.

  • NataliaRiley


  • Sally Kerr

    Sally Kerr

    Digital, data & innovation, arts, communicator, founder of @EdinburghApps, co-founder @EdiLivingLab. French Horn playing for fun.

  • Wolfgang Weicht

    Wolfgang Weicht

    There are those who surf the web, and there are those who make the waves.

  • Martin Dowson

    Martin Dowson

    DesignOps - Design @ Lloyds Banking Group

  • Lesley Thomson

    Lesley Thomson

    Creativator. Exceedingly civil servant. Iterating. Palgolaki. Tinkerer. Nosy Parker. Audio, video, disco. Sometime seeker of fiero and flow. Quine. Faux Fifer.

  • Aletheia Delivre

    Aletheia Delivre

    Service Designer and Education Technology Specialist at AlphaPlus in Toronto, Canada — @delivreal

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