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We are collecting Practitioner stories of Service Design in the Scottish public and third sectors
using 2 images, with the first illustrating: ‘multiple organisations involved in problem solving’, moving to another one illustrating ‘Organisations working together’ with an arrow showing that you move from one to the other thanks to SAtSD and a text explaining that this is helping organisations to work together to understand problems
Images from resources

Some information about the SAtSD

illustration with 3 people, one do not want to see, the other doesn’t want to hear and the last one doesn’t want to speak

illustration of a journey to service design with the text: the results so far…

We hope to get more responses

all the illustrations from this article are grouped here, one about feeling as an outsider, another about expending outside Scotland, building a community and one about who should be part

collage with how it started on the left, and the screenshot of the tweet, and on the right, a few illustrations of our achievements with orange sticky notes

A year ago

logos all in the same blue as our brand colour: slack, twitter, meetup, email

In this summary, you will find:

Interviewees told us:

Networking — keeping in touch

illustration adding all the others illustrations in this post for the concept of: creativity, collaboration and service design perspective

Practitioners feel they primarily contribute by:

Interviewees emphasised three ways in which they make these contributions:

Contextualising the insights

fake sticky notes along axes to illustrate the service design concept

What is service design?

How does it compare with other roles?

Want to become a Service Designer?

illustrations of concepts used in the post — awareness, process, strategy, evidence and connections

Contextualising insights

Practitioner stories

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